ERS Uhrenbeweger 2 Uhren + Box handgefertigt Kirsch *Aktionspreis

ERS Uhrenbeweger 2 Uhren + Box handgefertigt Kirsch *Aktionspreis

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ERS Uhrenbeweger für zwei Uhren by Augusta  ***Aktionspreis


ERS Uhrenbeweger 2 Uhren mit Uhrenkasten handgefertigt ***Aktionspreis

Watch winder made of wood in cherry wood design. With mains operation (adapter included) including watch case.

This automatic watch winder is suitable for different lengths of watch straps for automatic watches. The box is hand polished in oak wood design. The production of the mirror-smooth surface requires 60 days of skilled craftsmanship. The glaze of the wooden box is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. The quality of the polish gives a beautiful shine for years.

Funtions of the clock winder
Right / left rotation and change setting possible. The watch winder makes about 5 turns per minute. You can choose between 3 programs:

    clockwise: the rotation is for 33 minutes and stops for 15 minutes; this cycle is repeated 12 times a day
    Alternating rotation mode: rotation is clockwise for 10 seconds, counterclockwise for 10 seconds, and alternately for 3 minutes; then clockwise for 5 minutes, counterclockwise for 5 minutes, alternately for 30 minutes; the cycle is repeated 14 times a day
    counter-clockwise: the rotation is counterclockwise for 5 minutes for 33 minutes and stops for 15 minutes; this cycle is repeated 12 times a day

Further product features
  • Exterior color: cherry tree
  • Interior: camel velvet / velor cover, very clean processed
  • External dimensions of the mover: 177 x 244 x 302 mm
  • Watch clasp (LxB): 7.0 x 2.5 cm
  • Power supply of the DC motor: 4.5 V; Power consumption is <300mA
  • Power adapter included
  • including watch case above for 3 watches
  • including watch case below for 6 watches
  • including key

  • Watch winder ERS for two watches by Augusta with watch case as described above
  • power adapter
  • watch cushions
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