Dr. Tillwich Antispread E2 / 200 FE 60 epilamizer TE1420

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Dr. Tillwich Antispread E2 / 200 FE 60 epilamizer


Dr. Tillwich Antispread E2 / 200 FE 60 epilamizer TE1420 -


Epilamization agent for the realization of point and long-term lubrication in precision mechanics.

Antispread lowers the surface tension of the solid to such an extent that even silicone oil can no longer run wide.


  • The oil always creeps on the untreated surface. The epilam layer is destroyed by friction. If possible, the sliding elements should dry for a short time before lubrication, the epilam layer is thereby degraded, and the oil remains exactly at the actual friction point.


  • For the realization of point and long-term lubrication in precision mechanics. Essential for plastic lubrication. Precondition for noise damping due to viscous oils in quartz watches with stepping motor. For gears, circuit boards, electrical contacts, printed circuit boards, ball bearings, sensitive machine tools, counters, printers, open bearings. For the bearing and shaft system, both the shaft and the bearing must be treated with antispread.


  • Place test liquid drop Ø approx. 1 mm on treated parts. Within 4 hours, the wetted area must not be larger. Edge angles should not be less than 5 ° and not more than 45 ° (at 20 ° C)


Product Features Dr. Tillwich Antispread E2 / 200 FE 60

  • Epilating agent -> Antispread E2 / 200 FE 60, TE1420
  • Content -> 45 g
  • Appearance / color -> colorless
  • Function -> When the carrier fluid evaporates, the active ingredient (fluoroplastic) polymerizes on the surface of the material
  • Layer thickness on treated parts -> approx. 0.01 -> m (E2 / 200)
  • Active ingredient -> fluoroplastic (solid), repellent to all known oils and greases (less effect on fluorinated lubricants)
  • Carrier fluid -> partially fluorinated ether (FE 60); (contains no chlorine, contains no perfluorinated carbon compounds)
  • Temperature resistance of the layer -> -75 ° C to +200 ° C
  • Density -> 1.5 g / cm³ at 20 ° C
  • Boiling range -> 30 ° C to 60 ° C
  • Environmental aspects -> GWP = 350 (low) | ODP = 0 (not ozone depleting) | Length of stay in the atmosphere 5 years
  • Flammability -> not flammable
  • Toxicity -> physiologically harmless if used properly (about 85 g per m², depending on the method and nature of the parts)
  • Plastic resistance -> resistant PE, PP, POM, PBT, PA66, PC *, PPO *, PMMA, ASA *, ABS *, elastomers (butyl rubber, natural rubber, EPDM, EPR) * additional stress cracking test
  • conditionally resistant -> PTFE, silicone rubber, NBR (for longer contact)
  • Effect -> on all materials except PTFE
  • Dangerous goods -> NO


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