POLYWATCH Polish Removes Scratches From Watch Glasses

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100 ml = 80.00 €


POLYWATCH polish removes scratches from watch glasses


POLYWATCH Polish Removes Scratches From Watch Glasses


Plastic watch glasses scratch very easily and thus look unsightly. In particular, watches with plastic housing but usually offer no way to replace the glasses.

POLYWATCH, the emollient-type polish is the perfect solution for removing scratches from unbreakable watch glasses, displays and many other plastic parts.

Further product features
  • Content -> 5 ml
  • Instructions for use -> The tube volume of 5 ml is sufficient for approx. 10-12 applications. Use a piece of cotton to polish the scratched areas under heavy pressure for 2-3 minutes. Deep scratches require repeated treatment.
  • Attention -> do not use with tinted glasses; removes the tint


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