HAGERTY Jewel Clean dipping bath for cleaning jewelry 170ml

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HAGERTY Jewel Clean (170 ml)


Immersion bath with a floral fragrance that deeply cleanses and renews the luster of jewelry. Ideal for gold, platinum and precious stones: Diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Suitable for high quality jewelry such as platinum ring with diamond.

Includes a basket and brush for easy use.



  • Professional care for private use
  • A versatile bath that cleans
  • Practical immersion basket
  • Renews the sparkle
  • Practical dip basket
  • Restores the shine

Other product features

    Contents --> 170 ml can
    Ingredients --> According to EC recommendation: Non-ionic surfactants < 5%, preservatives

Directions for use

  • Place jewelry in immersion basket, stir/swirl for just under a minute. For more heavily soiled or complex pieces, use sponge. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

For the highest quality types of jewelry. Such as a platinum ring with a diamond. Here is a small brush to get into the cavities of settings. Since a diamond, if the setting under the stone is dirty, can never have the perfect "shine". However, the precious metal should be left out, otherwise scratches may occur.



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