HAGERTY Silver Bath Clean The Immersion Bath For Silver

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AGERTY Silver Bath Pro 500 ml - www.uhrmacherwerkzeuge.com


HAGERTY Silver Bath Clean The Immersion Bath For Silver (580 ml)


For silver (silver jewelry) and silver-plated cutlery. A professional bath for silver and silver-plated cutlery that instantly removes tarnish and restores the original shine.


  • Removes tarnish immediately
  • Cleans silver immediately
  • Quick and easy
  • Restores the original shine
  • Practical dip basket
  • Gives new shine
  • Dip - rinse - dry
  • Cleans even larger silver objects

Further product features

  • Contents --> 580 ml
  • Ingredients --> According to EC recommendation: Non-ionic surfactants, phosphates < 5%

Instructions for use

  • Immerse cutlery in the immersion basket, swirl/stir for a few seconds. Use sponge for larger items. Rinse with warm water. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Rinsing with warm, clear water is mandatory, as cutlery is in direct contact with the mouth and food!


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