ELMA Red Cleaning Concentrate Ultrasonic Bath Metal Gold Brass

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1 l = 33.90 €


ELMA Uhrenreinigungskonzentrat 1:9 - www.uhrmacherwerkzeuge.com


ELMA Red Cleaning Concentrate Ultrasonic Bath Metal Gold Brass Bronze


Liquid cleaning concentrate for cleaning disassembled watches and precision metal parts. Very suitable for use with ultrasound devices. Biodegradable.

Resinified oils are quickly and gently detached, brass, bronze and gold alloys lightened.

Technical Data Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Content -> 1 liter
  • Dosage -> The dilution ratio (can be set with tap water) is concentrate to water as 1: 9. The cleaning time is about 3-10 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. Then rinse with distilled or demineralized water. Occurring turbidity after prolonged use of the solution indicates a diminishing effect. The cleaning bath should then be restarted.
  • Active substance basis -> Surfactants, ammonium soap alkaline, pH 10.7 in delivery condition
  • Chemical characterization -> Aqueous mixture of surfactants, complexing agents, ammonia with solubilizer and dye.

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