Electric Clock Movement Synchronous Clockwork

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Electric Clock Movement synchronous clockwork


Electric Clock Movement Synchronous Clockwork


SCM movements are electromechanical devices for continuous time measurement. The clockwork is driven by the AC voltage of 50 Hz, which ensures high long-term stability. The clockworks are suitable for outdoor use.


  • 23-240 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption 3W
  • Torque for minute hand 20 mNm
  • Operating temperature -5 ºC ... +55 ºC
  • Humidity 30-65%
  • horizontal / vertical operation
  • Euro shank
  • Weight 114g
  • Degree of protection IP30
  • IEC protection class I
  • The power cord is not included


  • Compact design
  • High drive torque so that large pointers can be mounted (up to approx. 80 cm)
  • Operation possible in any position
  • No need to wind and readjust the watch
  • Long-term accuracy


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