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A diamond tester (Presidium Diamondmate-A) can determine whether it is a real or fake stone.

It measures the thermal conductivity of the stone. Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity.

Moissanites are visually similar to diamonds, but are mineral stones made of silicon carbide.

The difference can be determined using a diamond tester, moissanite tester (Presidium Multitester III, Adamas, Presidium Duotester, Augusta Multi II).

This device tests electrical conductivity and reflectance to determine whether it is a diamond or moissanite.

The authenticity of colored gemstones and diamonds can be tested using special colored gemstone testing devices (Presidium Gem Indicator, Gem Tester, Refractive Meter). The thermal conductivity (temperature difference) is also measured here, but in conjunction with the individual color of the stones.

Synthetic diamonds (Type Ia, IIa, laboratory-grown diamonds CVD/HPHT diamonds) are differentiated using special testing devices (Presdium SDS Diamond Screener, Presidium ARI) based on UV reflection.

Gemstone gauges (Presidium Gem Computer Gauge, Electronic Gauge, Dial Gauge) measure the actual weight, number of carats, millimeter values ​​and the type of gemstones.