HAGERTY Silver Care polish for cleaning silver 185ml

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HAGERTY Silver Care - www.uhrmacherwerkzeuge.com

HAGERTY Silver Care - Polishing agent for cleaning silver (185 ml)


For silver and silver-plated items with long-term protection against tarnishing. An effective cleaning/polishing agent that contains integrated tarnish protection.



  • An effective all-purpose cleaner for silver and silver-plated items
  • Gives long lasting protection from tarnish
  • Washes - cleans - polishes up and prevents tarnish for weeks

Further product features

  • Contents --> 185 ml can for cleaning silver
  • Ingredients --> Solvent, polishing paste, cleaning agent

Instructions for use

  • Moisten the sponge with warm water and apply Silver Care to the silver.
  • Clean the silver thoroughly.
  • Rinse with clean warm water
  • Rub with a soft dry cloth to obtain a radiant longer lasting shine.
  • Only suitable for items that are made entirely of silver. If something is only silver-plated and already "damaged", the metal underneath could be attacked.



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