Mettler Toledo - gold scales and carat scales with Swiss technology.

Mettler Toledo - gold scales and carat scales with Swiss technology

In gold trading, weight is very important. You therefore need a reliable scale that delivers precise, reliable and repeatable results according to your expectations at any time and under all operating conditions.

The family of scales designed specifically for the gold trade includes models for everyday use in goldsmiths, gemstone factories and jewelry stores, high-precision models for mints and hallmarking, as well as high-capacity models for weighing larger quantities in metal refining and inventory control.

Mettler Toledo offers gold scales for every need. The specifications vary depending on the model, but the basic features are identical: easy operation, large weighing pan, bright, easy-to-read display.

Precise. Robust. Compact.

The Mettler Toledo JP and JS models feature a robust and precise load cell with internal weight for fast stabilization and response times. JP models with FACT automatically adjust themselves; JS models are adjustable at the touch of a button.

Designed for durability

Thanks to the high-quality housing, overload protection and protective cover, the scales can withstand even improper handling. The all-round smooth design makes cleaning and retrieving dropped jewelry easier.

Space saving

The footprint, barely larger than the weighing pan itself, saves valuable space. The battery-operated scales are completely mobile, quick to set up and can be used anywhere.