AUGUSTA Stainless Steel Polishing Mixture 1 kg ***Made in Germany

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AUGUSTA Stainless Steel Polishing Mixture


Stainless steel polishing compound for drum polishing and tumbling equipment.
-> Best, high-alloy stainless steel for high-gloss polishing.

Special mixture consisting of differently sized balls, satellites and pens.


Content of the mix

  • Stainless steel balls 2.4 mm
  • Stainless steel balls 3.1 mm
  • Stainless steel balls 4.0 mm
  • Stainless Steel Satellite
  • stainless steel pins
  • Material -> NIRO stainless
  • Content -> 1 kg


It almost never works! Ideal to process with a special concentrate like our Augusta Excellent or S12.

Instructions for polishing precious metal in drum machines with balls

Lortone Tumblers, Drum Machines:
-> Model 3A / 33 B about 1 kilogram of balls
-> Model 45C about 1.5 kilograms balls
-> Model QT-6 about 2.5 kilograms balls
-> Model QT-12 about 4.5 kilograms balls

Normal 1 kilogram per liter (content)
Before using the balls you have to degrease them very well:

Place the balls in a jar of glass or stone filled with benzine.
Make sure that the balls stay about 1 cm under the benzine.
Now stir the balls in the benzine until the fat has dissolved completely. Let the benzine flow off.

Now add a little detergent and fill the vessel with clear water.
Stir until the water is clear. Be careful so that you achieve the desired result with the polishing drum!
After degreasing the balls, fill the drum with water until about 2/3 and add a little soap (1-3 teaspoons). No detergent !!!
The drum is now ready to use and you can put the jewelry in the drum.

Polishing jewelry

You can pull small pieces of jewelry on a nylon cord. In this way, the rinsing and removal is facilitated. Before you put the jewelry in, it must be degreased. This is especially important with worn jewelry! In one operation you can polish 500, 1000 or 1500 grams of jewelery. It is best to first clean and rinse heavily oxidised jewelery. Let the drum spin for about an hour. A longer shooting time is not harmful to the jewelry.

The drum machine is a polishing device, not a cleaning machine!
Aftercare of the jewelry:
Rinse the jewelry under running water. Right after that you can do the
It is best to dry jewelry in sawdust. If you follow these instructions exactly, the polished jewelry is like new! Not all chemicals can be used in the Neopreen rubber drum. Some chemicals can severely affect the drum or leave a black residue.